Our Mission Statement

Business-keepers Consulting is committed to the most intrinsic bookkeeping and accounting services to meet the client’s needs effectively because our foundation is ensconced in the values of accounting principles. We strive to stay on the cutting edge of accounting technology in order to maintain ultimate efficiency within an office environment. We believe that a client’s basic understanding of the accounting process will provide the tools needed for ones business to excel.

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A Few Words About Us

Business-keepers Consulting was founded on the principle that Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) should be the key to record-keeping and accounting software application, such as QuickBooks.

Business-keepers has an allegiance to the companies it serves and believes in the client’s purpose, financial goals, and administrative values. Therefore, Business-keepers will always uphold GAAP while maintaining the accounting process, so that it reflects the client’s day-to-day responsibilities.

Business-keepers has been in business since 2002, and its founder and associates have over 20 years experience in accounting, Quickbooks, HOA accounting, and office administration.

Business-keepers serves what we call “the front line people.” These are entrepreneurs who are out in the jungle beating against their own drum. We applaud and support those frontier people and provide software solutions for their accounting needs. We train, support, and maintain the accounting system of our clients using the following softwares: QuickBooks Pro ©, Enterprise ©.

Business-keepers operates as an outside source for bookkeeping and accounting needs for companies which do not have the need nor the budget to employ in-house bookkeepers or accountants on a full-time basis. This approach gives Business-keepers the unbiased “third-eye” approach to accounting. We review the day-to-day activity, verify bank transactions, run monthly reports, and train the clients to better understand their financial statements. We turn the tool of accounting from a year-end tax task into a regular monthly journey to the heart of a company’s financial order.

Business-keepers Consulting is not just a keeper of books; but also the Key to Keeping Business----your business.

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